baby girl in a 'que-tee'

'que-tees' by darci-que tm

The hot weather is coming back and its time to order a 'que-tee' for your little cutie! New designs coming shortly ! we carry baby onesies from 6-9 months to 2 years and tshirts from 2 to youth large! The Pandemic sure shifted my artistic world! I confess I love when I do a new design and see it for the first time on a shirt! I always wanted to have a line but with all I did ,I just couldn't focus on them.The lockdown helped greatly as it took away most of my other work affording me the time to really sit down and draw and dream up my little shirts! Each one has my love in them .I love blinging up the designs.It's a real sense of accomplishment and seeing them on babies and kiddies warms my heart!
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