• Happy Easter Sunday!

    All my Easter baskets are in their forever homes spreading joy!
  • Local Easter Boxes $20ea. chocolate/candy/crafts and a balloon!

    If you live in the Clearview area,you can order for pick up..A Bunny Box for Easter! Filled with Chocolate /Candies and crafts and stickers! Sure to keep your littles busy and happy! Also comes with an Easter balloon!
  • My painting skills

  • Easter is coming!

    Hey there ! So Spring is just around the corner and Easter is soon too! How about a bunny t-shirt? Boy or Girl! Bling or no bling!All Sizes availab...
  • quetees

    Spring is coming and It's tshirt time! I'm constantly coming up with new ideas for my quetees ! Stay tuned as shortly we will be releasing some of ...
  • My Chicken Book!

    this book is about a true story! My neighbours had 4 chickens and 1 rooster.The rooster died and a couple days later i heard the most awful doodle ...
  • QUEballoons!

  • Snowed in....

    So here we are...mid February .Valentines is over and were heading to Easter and spring! I'm bust drawing away designing new Tshirts for the Spring...
  • My doggy books!

    my Mollie!
  • It's a New Year!!

    We are so looking forward to the year ahead ,despite the challenges! We are making headway with our Shopify tshirt or book at a time! Since ...
  • quetees

    Let us box up your tees in a gorgeous baby box or for any age ! We'll add in things that go with your gift .this is special order so please call or subscribe! We're here to make your darci-que experience the best it could be!
  • 2021

    hey there! So it's a new year and time to begin something good! This year will bring new designs ..masks for kiddies and special orders! It's goin...