Santa is coming!

So..haven't been around too much! I was busy refurbishing our village of Creemore's Santa float! In my pieces of course ...for the last 3 or 4 months! It was a lot of work but seeing the float intact,it was so worth it! i was at a meeting in the spring of last year and there was discussion that we should give up our float and share Santa's float from a nearby town! Our existing float was handcrafted, with moving reindeer! by 3 men in our community years ago so i decided at that moment that we would not give it up. I found a place to store it til it to get warm out and then had it transported to my house! The rest is history and i finished it a week or so before the parade! My heart was full when i saw it coming towards me at the parade! So worth every hour I spent on it ! I painted so much and long that i actually had knots in my thumbs and lower arm! Lots of massage in my near future ..tee.hee

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