Mollie Doodle

The Adventures of Mollie Doodle!

So lately with being on Shopify ,I'm getting questions about my Mollie Doodle books! They are indeed about our doggy at home, Mollie Doodle.She is a golden doodle and is now 14 years old! She is and has always been a very gentle loving dog who through the years has been our champion ball catcher! She's beat out doggy's much younger than her and faster! She is the love of our lives ( my daughter and me) The books started with her "coming to Creemore", and was a huge hit here, as we all watched her grow and befriend all who know her! The second book was about her special friends in Creemore who would give her treats daily! After that book was released ,I was getting attention from those able to take it country wide and bigger but as we got closer , they pulled back because they felt my books were too personal and wouldn't reach outside of our community so I began to write them more with purpose and less about the community! When i wrote' Marvin bullies Mollie", finally ...we got the attention of a news channel and Heather Reisman...  of Chapters/Indigo! It looked like my dream was finally on the go but it went to the wrong dept. and I let it drop! silly silly me! Now though, being on Shopify now my audience is big enough and once I'm on a roll , I'm hoping many more people read them to their children and grandchildren!
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